The OSHA Training Course For Me!

In 1970, the deaths and the injuries of American workers demanded a serious action from the government to do something that will prevent this from happening again. That’s why the Congress created OSHA which was within the Department of Labor and it had implemented all safety standards required for certain jobs.

Employees and Employers must work together to pick an appropriate training that will assure the safety working environment of everybody concerned with the process. Read this article further to understand which is the best course for you and your company.


Do I need to be certified and is the Department of Labor Card important?

 OSHA’s Outreach Training is a voluntary program in most states, even though that some States require it by law. Being OSHA certified means that you’ve got the Department of Labor card.


Which one is for me: Construction or General Industry Training?

 There are two type of OSHA training known as Construction and General Industry. Each one features different topics depending on the industry in which you are working. If you are wondering which one to choose, contact your employer to discuss it.

Construction work includes construction, repair, alteration, painting and decorating. General Industry includes maritime, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and distribution. These descriptions should help you decide which training course is suitable for you. If you are still unsure, check the topics covered in each course


Which one to choose: 10-Hour or 30-Hour Training?

This depends on your workplace. If you are an entry-level employee then you can go with the 10-hour OSHA course, but the 30-Hour course is for supervisors, managers and everyone responsible for the safety on the work site. Of course, the longer course covers a larger variety of topics.

The Importance Of Osha Training


OSHA stands for occupational safety and health administration/act. Its mission is to promote safety in work places there by reducing occurrences of accidents. OSHA training is in high demand in New York because of its numerous benefits. For this same reason, OSHA professionals are highly sought after by big companies and multinationals in New York and in several parts of the world.

The primary aims of OSHA training are:

  • Prevention of all forms of accidents within work places
  • Promotion of attitudes and policies that enhance occupational safety
  • Enforcement of safety compliance according to OSHA standards – the most appropriate response to different kinds of accidents and emergencies
  • Promotion of the habit of putting on personal protective tools when on duty
  • Regular safety practices by all employees
  • Promotion of safe ways of handling all equipment and machinery
  • Education of how best to prevent and handle chemical and other hazardous materials
  • Education of how to avert all forms of workplace hazards
  • Getting all employees, employers, health insurance providers and medical officials involved as these aims can only be achieved with collective efforts.

Over the years, OSHA training has become more widely accepted because it has been able to drastically reduce the number of work related injuries, deaths, damage of properties, legal liabilities and workers’ compensation claims and it has also successfully mitigated missed hours of work in New York and several other cities in United States and other parts of the world.

Most importantly, companies will continue to hire OSHA certified safety officers as they have been able to save employees, taxpayers, insurance companies and employers millions of dollars by drastically reducing numbers of work related accidents.

In the course of accident prevention, OSHA training places special focus on some very common types of hazards. Fire is the most destructive and devastating accident as it leads to injuries, deaths and destruction of properties if not managed properly. So, OSHA covers all possible ways to avoid fire and how to manage it if it happens.

Another common accident is falling either from a high altitude or just falling off your feet. OSHA also covers all ways to avoid falls and how to make the floor less slippery and how to manage the situation if it happens.

When you take the training, you will also learn how to prevent and manage electricity related accidents like a mild electric shock and a total electrocution. It is noteworthy that there are several other kinds of work related accidents. But the ones mentioned above are most frequent ones.

In summary, OSHA certified safety officials should always be on ground in every work place as their importance cannot be over emphasized. Apart from that, employers should always get their employees regularly trained on how to promote all forms of safety in the work place.